This new aid can be up to 3,000 euros: find out if you qualify!

For several months, the French have been faced with a terrible inflation that is raging across France. And the least we can say is that the state is putting something in place many helpers to help them.

A terrible time of inflation

Because of the war in Ukraine, the country is experiencing a terrible rise in prices. The latter undermines the daily life of many French people. As a result, many households are struggling to make ends meet unstoppable increases.

Food, transport or fuel, the increase in prices affects all sectors. Several French people are also finding it increasingly difficult to get to work. And for a good reason Fuel is too expensive.

Some have also admitted that they have considered taking out a loan to afford fuel. One thing is for sure, it doesn’t get any better. And for good reason, inflation is still not over this summer period.

To help the French, the state has also decided to set up new aid. The latter concerns the maximum bonus when buying an electric bike. If you have the opportunity to bike to work, now is the time to take it.

From Monday, the state will increase subsidies for the purchase of an electric bicycle. people with disabilities or on low incomes entitled to an additional amount. At least that’s what came out of a decree published in the Official Journal on Saturday.

The increase in aid for the purchase of an electric bicycle

Now the maximum bonus of a Electric bike will go from 200 to 300 euros. But that’s not all. Note that this help is no longer conditioned by a local authority.

You must also have taxable income per share of less than €13,489 to be eligible for this benefit. But that’s not all. Depending on the situation, several French people are entitled to an increase.

people with disabilities and those with taxable income less than or equal to 6,300 euros, will have an increase. At this stage, this aid can be up to 400 euros, depending on the case. But that’s not all.

The subsidy will also be higher if you buy a cargo bike, a folding bike or an electric bike trailer. As our confidants at MoneyVox suggest, the “The maximum bonus to be granted increases to 2,000 euros”.

And the, “against 1,000 euros for the other beneficiaries of the aid”. Before adding: “For all other types of bicycles, they are entitled to an aid of 40% of the purchase price. Up to 150 euros ».

“Maximum amount of conversion premium increased to €3,000”

Finally, our colleagues at MoneyVox announced another piece of good news. “People with disabilities or low incomes who want to get rid of an polluting vehicle receive the maximum amount of the premium when purchasing an electric bicycle Conversion is increased to 3,000 euros”.

“Compared to 1,500 euros for the other beneficiaries of the aid. The conversion bonus will also be accessible to multiple members of the same tax household. And that at from January 1, 2023.

One thing is certain, this help will make life easier for many French people. And for good reason, those reluctant to take the plunge will have one more reason to buy an electric bike from next school year.

This also allows them to achieve large savings in fuel. Now is the time to take advantage of this government help!

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