Tesla: Elon Musk warns that the Cybertruck will not be the announced electric car

news hardware Tesla: Elon Musk warns that the Cybertruck will not be the announced electric car

Forget what Elon Musk said during the Cybertruck presentation conference. It is very likely that some things have changed in the meantime. These are not rumours, but the words of Tesla’s CEO.

Tesla will have to adapt its Cybertruck

We are 1 year away from the release of the Cybertruck. This may seem far away, but in Elon Musk’s space-time it’s a fairly short period of time. The first prospect described some developments on this ultra-futuristic electric pickup.

We have to reckon with “adjustments” mostly because of inflation, which is hitting the tech world hard. At a meeting with the shareholders, the question obviously came up. “Where is the Cybertruck and what can we expect from it four years after its announcement?”

Unfortunately, the answer was not as expected. from those present at this meeting:

The reservation price for the Cybertruck introduced in 2019 was $99, and a lot has changed since then. Specifications and prices will be different. I know this is some bad news, but there was no way to predict the inflation that would occur and the various issues that would arise, but what I can say is that the Cybertruck is going to be a damn good product. It’s going to be a damn nice machine.

The Cybertruck will change for the worse

The price increase already seemed inevitable. Announced in 2019, the automotive market has changed a lot since then. Between wars, the pandemic and skyrocketing inflation, everything is going up. Especially since it was Elon Musk’s goal to bring the Cybertruck onto the market the cheapest at $40,000 or €36,000 at the November 2019 exchange rate.

Not only the price will change. Elon Musk also speaks of a modification of the technical data sheet. This is a more important question. The first signs came last year when Tesla has removed specifications for the electric pickup from its site.

Originally we were supposed to have three models, each with a different engine. Versions were marketed with 1, 2 and 3 engines per vehicle and Ranges from 400 to 800 km. Today it is impossible to know what Elon Musk plans to make up for the lack of micro-components. We also don’t know if the changes will come to the motor and battery parts.or the technology on board the Cybertruck.

Tesla’s electric vehicle will be manufactured at the Texas Gigafactory in Austin. The Italian company Idra is also to deliver the future Giga Press there in order to produce the exoskeleton of the Cybertruck. Elon Musk added: “We will be installing production facilities in the coming months.

If all goes well, the Cybertruck should finally see the light of day around July 2023.

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