Avatr 11: This Chinese electric SUV combines luxury and performance

The automobile has developed more in China than anywhere else in recent years. Changan Automobile’s electric SUV is proof of that.

Before the 2000s, Chinese car production consisted of rudimentary models. These were mainly quads and small cars before European manufacturers came to the Middle Kingdom.

From there, joint ventures between Chinese brands and old continent industrialists have essentially created copies of European cars. The industrialization of the automobile then accelerated sharply and reached an impressive level today.

Changan Automobile’s electric SUV, called the Avatr 11, is a testament to this evolution. The new brand comes from a joint venture between Changan, Huawei and CATL, and the SUV is finally showing what it’s capable of.

The Avatr 11 has two electric motors and has a total power of 600 hp. The couple doesn’t miss out, because the SUV develops 650 Nm, sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in less than four seconds, and has a top speed of 200 km/h.

When it comes to battery selection, Chinese drivers can choose between two packages from the CATL brand. The capacities of the two packs are 90 kWh and 117 kWh. Their respective autonomy is 555 kilometers and 680 kilometers on one charge. However, these figures come from the Chinese homologation cycle, which is more optimistic than our WLTP.

In terms of recharging, the SUV offers 240 kW of power, which theoretically allows you to regain 200 kilometers of autonomy in 10 minutes. But it is precisely at the technological level that this model marks real progress.

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State-of-the-art technology at an affordable price

The vehicle has 34 sensors, including three LiDARs, which enable semi-autonomous driving. And because Huawei took part in the project, the cabin is high-tech. So there are three screens on the dashboard.

A central 15.6-inch touchscreen enables full vehicle control, while two 10.25-inch displays are located in front of the driver and front passenger. It was Huawei who designed the screens in terms of both hardware and software.

However, this flagship Chinese car remains reasonably priced compared to European cars. The starting price of the Avatr 11 with the 90 kWh battery is the equivalent of 50,000 euros. The version with the 117 kWh battery starts at a price of just under 60,000 euros. It is not yet known whether this new Chinese brand will also be exported to France in the future.

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