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The manager opened on 01.01ah last August Chez Nana, a little…

The manager opened on 01.01ah last August Chez Nana, a small grocery store specializing in basic groceries and local produce. “ I’m on the idea of ​​troubleshooting “, explains Anna Landreau in her shop, which has hardly any reserves. Here we buy the product that we forgot when we went shopping or satisfy a sudden craving. The location was even specially chosen: I’m in front of the school, on the street that serves the whole village. It allows people to chat while waiting for the kids and have a drink ‘ explains the manager.

The boss has been thinking about founding a company for ten years. After a first bar project in Angoulême was canceled due to lack of funds, Anna Landreau resorted to the small village of North Charente to restore its dynamism. “ I wanted to create a meeting place in the village. When I arrived in Puyréaux two years ago there was absolutely nothing apart from the restaurant, but it caters more to tourists ‘ she remarks.

A showcase for small producers from Charente

Unable to open a bar, too close to school, Anna Landreau adapts her project into a small business in a dedicated village. In addition to selling basic groceries, the owner opens her shelves to many items made in Charente: beers from the Amiticia brewery in Puymoyen, Pirouette tea Mam’Zelle from Ruelle, honey soaps and pollen from a producer in Bioussac, fruit and vegetables a gardener in Saint-Groux, Pineau and pastis from Sireuil, bread from Mansle…” That’s what people have wanted since Covid. All of my research was based on producers who have little visibility. I wanted us to help each other between the children, that good understanding is important. »

From beers and spirits to teas, honey, fruit and vegetables, much of the store's stock comes from Charentean producers.

From beers and spirits to teas, honey, fruit and vegetables, much of the store’s stock comes from Charentean producers.

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Even more surprisingly, Chez Nana also offers a range of CBD-based products that are typically sold around town. “ I asked older customers for their opinion. One of them told me he knew there were benefits and I needed a product with a little more margin. »

Despite opening in the middle of summer, the formula appeals to locals. “ I have a client who comes here for coffee in the morning. Before that he had to go as far as Manslelaughs Anna Landreau. And this morning there were flowers on my doorstep: I spoke to a customer the day before and told her that I wanted to plant flowers in the grocery store. “A small boost that comforts the manager in her project:” It’s small, but it can do it. I think it. »

Chez Nana, 4 Grand Rue in Puyréaux. Open Monday, Thursday and Friday from 11am to 8.30pm and Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 4.30pm. Inauguration Wednesday August 31 from 6 p.m. with a rock and blues concert, punch and unlimited cheese tasting.

Chez Nana on TikTok and Insta

For the communication of her grocery store, Anna Landreau does not use Facebook, but rather Instagram and TikTok, social networks based on photos and short videos. “ Through children and grandchildren I can reach as many people as possible. The more followers I have (subscribers, editor’s note), the more people will talk about me., notes the boss, who talks about her everyday life as a retailer in her posts. And it works : “ I already have a client who came after seeing a post on Instagram. To follow her: epicerie_chez_nana

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