Discount at the pump: The additional discount of 20 cents at Total represents a “fairness problem”, denounces a representative of small gas stations

Francis Pousse, National President the petrol station and new energy branch of the union Mobilians (former CNPA) and owners of a gas station in Sarthe, told franceinfo on Thursday September 1 that the additional discount of 20 cents per liter that the TotalEnergies group is giving to total stations “A hammer blow that will be expensive” at small gas stations.

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In the eyes of Francis Pousse, this additional discount represents a “Problem” in terms of fairness it works “damage to many stations” already weakened by Covid-19 and successive discounts. By decree, the government extended the discount at the pump and increased it from 18 to 30 euro cents from September to October, i.e. 12 cents more discount than before. “Everything that benefits the consumer, of course I’m in favor of it.”he said.

franceinfo: TotalEnergies grants total stations an additional discount of 20 cents per liter of fuel. What do you think ?

Francis presses: Of course, I support everything that benefits the consumer. It also benefits a large proportion of my members who are total stations. In terms of market equity, however, there is unfortunately a problem. We have repeatedly challenged the government on this issue.

“As we work to save gas stations, we have a hammer blow that will be expensive.”

Francis Pousse of the Mobilians Union

at franceinfo

There is an inequality. A private company decides to make an offer. Nothing to say. But what about gas stations outside of this network?

Do you already have a tank supply including a 30 cent discount?

The problem is there. With the first series of measures of 18 cents, we were able to negotiate that gas stations can be supplied from March 25th. This time we made the same request to get as many stations ready as possible and it was not accepted. This is very detrimental to those who have small batches because the more small batches you have, the less frequent deliveries you will have. A station that would have been delivered yesterday [avec des litres de carburants incluant une ristourne de 18 centimes seulement] and if you need 10 or 15 days to sell your share, you will only be able to draw these 12 cents more in 10 days.

The government accompanies this transfer with a subsidy of 3,000 to 6,000 euros. How many small petrol stations out of a total of 11,000 in France?

This affects around 1,500 traditional petrol stations in France, all those, especially at Mobilians, that we are trying to save in order to maintain a territorial fuel distribution network. Even if we have the end of the heat engine in 2035, we will not stop selling fossil products tomorrow. It is necessary for the displacement of the French, but depending on the volume it will not compensate for everything!

Is there a risk that petrol stations will shut down?

They were bad before the Covid-19. But between the pandemic, the increase in fuel prices for a year and these new measures with competition from a French tanker, all this will unfortunately hurt many petrol stations. But this summer we were finally heard. At the same time as we were told that some additional discounts will be given, we were told “since you asked we will give you 15 million euros”. This is an amount that we have been asking for more than 5 years to improve these gas stations, especially rural ones, in their essential investments, for example in relation to the environment, and then in preparing for future energies.

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