Falling fuel prices: where are the cheapest gas stations in your department?

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The state fuel discount rose from 18 to 30 cents per liter on Thursday morning. What are the cheapest stations in your department?

A liter of petrol for 1.60 euros or even under 1.50 euros: It has been a few months since petrol prices in France fell so low due to the war in Ukraine.

This is the result of the state fuel premium. This Thursday, September 1st, it rose from 18 cents to 30 cents per liter. This discount is valid for two months in September and October. TotalEnergies gas stations are adding their own discount, increasing from 12 to 20 cents per liter. This means that petrol stations show a price that is 50 cents cheaper in 24 hours.

Find the cheapest gas stations department by department according to the prices they posted on the combustibles.org website today.


  • Diesel: €1,674 at Total Access in Mirepoix
  • SP98: €1,465 at Total Access in Mirepoix
  • SP95: €1,539 at Intermarché in Pamiers (route de Mirepoix)


  • Diesel: €1,669 at Total in Carcassonne (Avenue du 3e RPIMA)
  • SP98: €1,481 at Total in Carcassonne (avenue du 3e RPIMA) and Total access in Carcassonne (route de Limoux)
  • SP95: €1,599 at Leclerc in Carcassonne (Route de Toulouse)


  • Diesel: €1,659 at Total in Villefranche-de-Rouergue
  • SP98: €1,487 at Total in Villefranche-de-Rouergue
  • SP95: €1,459 at Elan in Villefranche-de-Rouergue

Upper Garonne

  • Diesel: €1,659 at Total in Balma (Route de Castres)
  • SP98: €1,485 at Total in Ramonville Saint-Agne
  • SP95: €1,439 at Total in Toulouse (Route de Saint-Simon)


  • Diesel: €1,810 at Total in Pavia
  • SP98: €1,770 at Avia in Auch (rue Victor-Hugo)
  • SP95: €1,580 at Total in Pavia


  • Diesel: €1,659 at Total in Cahors (route de Toulouse) and Total in Souillac
  • SP98: €1,501 at Total in Gourdon
  • SP95: €1,590 at Esso in Figeac (Avenue du Général de Gaulle)

Lot and Garonne

  • Diesel: €1,667 at Total in Nérac
  • SP98: €1,538 with Total Access at Bias
  • SP95: €1,502 at Total in Pont-du-Casse

Hautes Pyrenees

  • Diesel: €1,679 at Total in Séméac
  • SP98: €1,520 at Total in Bazet
  • SP95: €1,482 at the Carrefour market in Lourdes


  • Diesel: €1,649 at Total in Albi (Route de Cordes)
  • SP98: €1,429 at Total in Albi (Route de Cordes)
  • SP95: €1,505 at Intermarché in Labruguière

Tarn et Garonne

  • Diesel: €1,679 at Total Access in Montauban (Route de Toulouse)
  • SP98: €1,481 at Total Access in Montauban (route de Toulouse)
  • SP95: €1,474 at Total in Montauban (Avenue Jean Moulin)
Prices may have changed between the price quoted by each station and what is displayed at the pump.

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