Steuer: The bad news has just come, the hunt begins…

If you have an extension installed in your garden, make sure you declare this to the tax office! As a matter of fact, the General Directorate of Public Finances now has state-of-the-art tools! It can thus track porches or shelters on the ground! We tell you all about it controls a new kind.

A few reminders about tax breaks or extensions

You are certainly not unfamiliar with this! If you are building a garage, a Seeks or a veranda, you must register this with the tax office. In fact, this construction has an effect on the amount of the tax country !

For an installation to be considered an extension, it must be “permanently connected to the ground”. Tents, children’s huts or animal huts are also not eligible.

This new tool uses artificial intelligence to ensure controls on private property!

The Treasury now has a new trick up its sleeve! It is therefore a software based on photos and aerial photography. Such a system has already made it possible to identify undeclared swimming pools.

For the tax authorities, this new technique will make it possible to recover already 10 million euros! Nevertheless regarding extensions, The software has yet to be developed. Eventually he will be able to compare the aerial photos with the data reported to the land registry.

For now that innovative solution remains in the test phase. In fact, the tax authorities want to avoid make mistakes and create anger among the taxpayers! Because if the software doesn’t work, it could confuse you veranda with a simple terrace.
According to Antoine Magnant from the DGFIP, the tax authorities therefore want to remain cautious.

“But we need to be sure the software is finding buildings with large floor plans and not the doghouse or the kiddie house.”

If the tax officer is careful, The tool has already proven its impressive performance !
So be careful! And don’t cheat.

Put yourself in good standing to avoid a harsh order from the tax office

If you have built a garden house or a box for your car, make sure you are in good standing! Otherwise, you still have very little time to settle your situation with the tax authorities. So it is better to anticipate than to wait. an unexpected check. In fact, in this case, the note can be very salty!

If you want to know more about it the installations which must be declared to the tax office can be found here. If in doubt, you can also do it yourself and ask the tax authorities directly for an answer.

According to Antoine Magnant from the DGFIPthis device might even help some owners.
“In many places in France there are sets with a house surrounded by two or three ruined buildings that bear the names of the owners. »

So let’s try to see the bright side of things. Or show us more providence !

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